Walking through the street front of my school for about 10 minutes, a small park appears in sight. Behind this park, there is a neighbourhood being redeveloped which can be recognised at a glance. Between the new buildings, advertisement boards stand up with splendid descriptions, such as ‘A great selection of cafés, bars and restaurants. Lots to see and do, new events all the time, modern architecture…’
Unlike those descriptions, however, I felt subtle emptiness. The places are filled with elegant and modern style of buildings, but without trace of sense of life. Even if I can find some, it still seems manufactured, it’s quite similar to what I used to see on the outskirts of Seoul. But it’s not a comfort. I can’t find a “sense of place” anywhere. Despite looking good, it only gives the impression of artificially rendered 3D image. My work is representation of my feeling about this place.

Brave New Home